Portrait of your inner/powerful self

I am officially OPENING the Art Studio of Live Portrait in Berlin! :)

Its a good time to make a little promotion and encourage some of you to take a challenge:)!

I can offer you a portrait expressing your inner/powerful self on an A3 paper in aquarelle and ink plus its digital scan (which you can use as profile photo, image for printing, etc.:) for 200,00 €.

To make it happen I would need at least a short video chat via Skype or WhatsApp with you (a personal meeting in the studio would be even better), two pictures of yours, and short story written by you, also your drawings if you have one:).

The whole process can take around 3 weeks, and it might happen I would come back to you with some questions in the meantime.

Moreover, I will share with you the phases of your portrait on a regular base in digital form.

Write me an e-mail to discuss further details. d.gmitrowicz@gmail.com.

There are some people who recommend the process itself, and its final results:)

Check it by yourself:)

With colorful greetings!

Dagna Gmitrowicz, www.dagna.space


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