by Dagna Gmitrowicz, updated 2018

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September 14, 2019

Around 101 people have crossed my studio.

Most of them looked carefully at my works.





"Keep doing"


"this little painting from 2007 - Kilinskiego, was so beautiful, could you paint like this again?"

"How it is to paint iconic things? How...

June 4, 2019

I am officially OPENING the Art Studio of Live Portrait in Berlin! :)

Its a good time to make a little promotion and encourage some of you to take a challenge:)!

I can offer you a portrait expressing your inner/powerful self on an A3 paper in aquarelle and ink plus its d...

May 2, 2019

This time we grow.

I am obsessed with 1 image in my head. 

Thank you Tracy, Thank you Nabeela! 

Let's see what comes!

February 17, 2019

First seconds in a new studio! 

Let's create!

Studios ID | Berlin

Genselerstraße 13

13055 Berlin

Let's see! 

January 15, 2019

" orły sokoły dajcie nam skrzydła

gruzy popioły, ziemia nam zbrzydła.

Tumi ach tumi, świat niewesoły.

weźcie mnie z sobą, orły sokoły.."

Tej smutnej piosenki nauczył mnie, 38 lat temu, mój dziad partyzant.Do wczoraj nie rozumiałam dlaczego... teraz zrozumiałam... 

Kolejne z...

December 6, 2018

Far, far away..... on the seams of two hills,  a wolf and a fox lived under a half-sun-half-moon:)

A small house stood between the hills.

And magical things have happened in this house.

You need to come and see!:)

And this whole story was made up:) by MUM an...

October 9, 2018

After outdoor painting together every spring and autumn.

After selling our art at Kunstmarkt in Berlin ( I oil paintings and aquarelle,  Lia ceramic). 

After exhibitions in galleries ( I in Kunstfabrik Lia in Kidergalerie). 

After open studios night in HB55 in B...

July 5, 2018

Oil. 100x80cm.canvas.

They exist independently.

Our ancient parents.

There is a story inbetween, defined by a space. 

With these two portraits I completed the collection  of children portraits.

June 15, 2018

The anciet mother comes when ancient father hides. 

What will happen next? 

How to keep them both? 

Our archetype of parents.....


Oil on canvas. Tribal. 100x80 cm each. Oil. 

I hope it will be ready in around 2 weeks. 

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