"Art is a journey which takes most of my life, and working with people are the drops of precious seconds that fill the ocean of natural beauty of human nature" 

 I am a trainer of soft skills, certified art- therapist and a facilitator of gatherings.

        I facilitate the growth of people by revealing their resources, strengthening talents and stimulating creativity, leading them to new discoveries and "AHA" moments. 

  • Individual sessions

  • Group sessions

  • International trainings, workshops and conferences.



  • during individual sessions I work with clients embracing their creativity using metaphors, visual art, digital media and installations. I am educated in  direction of Milton Erickson Therapy and inspired by Integrative Collective Dreaming and Mindfulness.

  •  as a facilitator and process designer for groups I create meaningful learning spaces inspired by Harrison Owen and his Open Space Technology, Organic approach, Holacracy, The Way of Council, Art of Hosting and Resonant Leadership.


I have many yeas experience as an art therapist in Psychiatric Clinic  - Youth Department in Lodz in Poland. I have completed Art therapy course in Milton Erickson Insitiute and long-term Training for Psychotherapists. 

 As a facilitator I have recently worked among others for: Erasmus + National Agencies from several countries, Euroguidance, Bundesvereinigung Kulturelle Kinder- und Jugendbildung (BKJ) and European Network of Cultural Centres. I manage  own cultural Foundation.

by Dagna Gmitrowicz, updated 2020

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