40 portraits of feelings

Two iconic big format portraits.

Oil on canvas 500x150 cm. 

The way

in the jungle 2019


Oil n canvas.

Oil on canvas 150x100 cm each 




The collection of oil paintings presenting human nature, its dichotomy.

Oil on canvas 100x120 cm. 


The collection of oil paintings presenting children of POWER. 

Oil on canvas 100x120 cm. 

In the collection there are already 4 artworks. 

Now Ill present just one.

In the name of children who are not afraid even though they were born just a second ago. 


The collection of oil portraits representing women of different origins.

                         Canvas, oil 100x80 cm and 50x70 cm.


  I have started this project in autumn 2016.

It was the time, when new extreme political trends took over in some countries, the moment, when tremendous aggression against humanity was present all over the world.

It was the time, when I stopped trusting media since social information was blurred and overused by manipulative corporations and groups of people who wanted to make profits out of disasters. 


That was also precisely a moment when I understood, that I need to search for truth within myself.

I am convinced that each of us carries responsibility - with every step we take, every word we say, every choice we make - even though many of us are in a “survival mode” -  trapped in a net of interconnections and interdependency, feeling that there is no way out, trying to protect ourselves against the reality.


I decided to break this pattern down. Therefore, I made this collection – to connect us to back the power, bring us back a sense of agency.


To look into eyes of spiritual women.

The moment frozen in plastic. Dagna Gmitrowicz

The moment frozen in plastic, 2017

Only plastic bags, 178x81 cm. Banner.

I decided to make this work especially for "Wild Life" competition, which took place in London. 

As my works are mainly dedicated to the clash of human being with wild life, I have chosen my beloved medium - which is rubbish, and transformed it into medium of art.

Lots of work...


Realities 2016

The collection of oil paintings representing scratches of my reality.

                         Canvas, oil 60x80 cm and 30x40 cm.


 This what inspired me on my journey through life in Berlin. 


Directions 2014

The collection of oil paintings on canvas created and exhibited on trees.

Second part:  paper work (pastels, water color, acrylic paints) representing 5 directions.

100x70 cm.


I created this collection after second vision quest in Scotland.


Vision Quest 2013

The collection on paper (pastels, water color, acrylic paints)  expressing this what is invisible.

100x70 cm and 50x70cm


I created this collection after first vision quest in Scotland.