The one who was seen, but can’t see anymore.


Trayvon Benjamin Martin

(February 5, 1995 – February 26, 2012)

was a 17-year-old African-American teenager from Miami Gardens, Florida, who was „fatally” shot in Sanford, Florida by policeman.


One of the larger rallies, called the "Million Hoodie March" was held in Manhattan's Union Square in New York City on March 21.

People wore hoodies to symbolize their support for Martin, and against profiling used against non-white youths in hoodies. According to

Salon, close to five thousand people attended the March, while other media outlets estimated the supporters to be in the hundreds.

I met a great woman in Florida,USA, and she has asked me to paint a portrait of Martin Trayvon.

OIL.CANVAS. 500 m x 1,5m, Dagna Gmitrowicz, 

The one that can’t be seen, but can see herself …


Woman in burqa


I met several women who decided to stop wearing burqa themselves.


Those stories were extremely powerful and deeply touching.

I painted the icon of the woman in a burqa - in honor of a woman's strength

and independence.

In the name of the woman who sees and has the courage to express own opinion and live her own life.

Eyes say more than my words.

Respect to the strong women that I have met on my way!.

OIL.CANVAS. 500c m x 1,5m,

Dagna Gmitrowicz, 2019.